The Corona Sessions

The Corona Sessions

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We are in the business of killing vans and selling t-shirts. Spring of 2021, I realized that it was time to pick up a new van, and I thought a fun of way of subsidizing that huge expense would be to record a live acoustic album to sell in Uglies Nation, the goal being to pay for the downpayment with the proceeds. I’ve done a couple of these records in the past (Go Folk Yourself, Songs From The Basement) and I like recording them live. Both of those records were recorded in one session and the session became the album. Being my own worst critic, there are things from both of those records that I would love to change, but unfortunately that ship has sailed. With this new project I’m going to keep doing sessions until I have performances that I’m totally happy with, and then we’ll compile those songs into a collection and VOILA! We have a record.

As of right now I’ve completed two sessions and there are 13 songs that I’m happy with (out of about 30 recordings). By participating in this project you will get ALL of the recordings from all the sessions. All the trimmings off the cutting room floor. That will include multiples recordings of songs and some songs that may not make the final album, which will be 20 songs.

These first two albums total 24 songs. By purchasing these first two, you will automatically be sent the following releases as they come out.

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